The Olympic Challenge

The Olympic Challenge

Finally the Olympics are coming to Toronto! Test your team’s skills, encourage collaboration and enhance morale with The Olympic Challenge corporate event.

The Olympic Challenge corporate event tests your employees’ abilities and encourages greater camaraderie. Participants compete in various design and sporting events while celebrating the core values of the Olympics.

This exciting program reflects the three core values of the Olympic Movement — excellence, friendship and respect — which inspire us on individual and organizational levels.

It’s just like being at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics or the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Except in Toronto.

Highlights of The Olympic Challenge corporate event include:

* Opening Ceremonies, including the Parade of Nations
* Creative team-building activities
* Designing cross-country skis
* Making snowshoes out of LEGO elements
* Synchronized swimming (on dry land)
* Closing Ceremonies, including medal awards

For your next Toronto corporate events planning opportunity, choose Creative Club Corporate and The Olympic Challenge corporate event.