Build the Olympics’

Build the Olympics’

This imaginative program brings out the best in your staff by encouraging cooperation to reach a common goal. They work in teams to create the sports facilities and athletes’ village for the next Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan — all out of LEGO® elements.


Teams must work fast to plan, produce and complete their model on time. Participants feel engaged in this activity, and take ownership and pride in the results.

To meet your specific needs and keep things interesting, we customize The Creation Station corporate event to include design shifts, redefinition of roles and more changes.




At the conclusion of the program, each team presents their creative project. Judges evaluate each team’s originality, teamwork, creativity, model appearance, branding, and ability to meet customers’ needs.

Skill Development

The participants develop skills in imagination, creativity, problem-solving, planning and preparation, time management, decision-making, communication, presentations and teamwork.

The program debrief focuses on how to apply the transferable skills from the workshop to the work environment.