New from Creative Club Corp. We’re proud to bring Everblock to Canada…

Life Size Modular Building Blocks for Your Upcoming Event

Build ANYTHING with EverBlock – for rent or purchase.

* Podiums
* Couches
* Chairs
* Coffee Tables
* Bar
* Buffet Table
* Shelving Units
* and more!

What is Everblock?

EverBlock is a Life-Sized modular building block that allows you to build nearly anything. It is a modular system of large-scale LEGO-like bricks, oversized plastic blocks that snap together to form structures and life-sized furniture. See our Everblock product spec sheet.

EverBlock System

1) EverBlock Colors: Mix and match colors as needed to build beautiful and dramatic creations. See colors

2) Features & Specifications: Easily reconfigure, transport, and re-assemble your designs in minutes and re-use blocks for all types of projects.

3) Building The Objects of your Desire: Each Block has a series of connector lugs, that are designed to nest into the underside of the next block. Sections can be staggered in 3″ intervals, so that 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the lug sets nest into the other block.


1) Modular Furniture: Use EverBlock to create modular benches, chairs, side boards, tables and bases for all types of objects. Utilize the extensive color pallet to meet design objectives and alternate colors for dramatic effect.

2) Room Dividers/ Modular Walls: Use Everblock to reconfigure spaces, divide rooms and organize flow.

3) Garden Edging and Borders: Connect sections as needed to create any sized garden and finish your enclosure with our finishing caps. Sections make be staked into the ground for a more permanent installation.

4) Stem Learning/Programs: STEM stands for SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING and MATHEMATICS. It promotes a collaborative, hands-on approach to learning for students K-12 while focusing on these critical subjects and preparing children’s minds for successful futures in these fields.


Interested in learning more about Everblock? For sales or rental info, contact us at (647)-342-4812  or info@creativeclubcorp.com.


compare everblock to regular lego


Click here for more info and specifications on Everblock.

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