About Us

About Us

We make your business meetings fun. Created in 2009, Creative Club Corp are corporate team building or team development specialists. As a division of Creative Club, we provide people of all ages with fun, team-building programs.

How your employees win
For fun Toronto corporate events, we offer an exciting range of team-building programs. Our events develop imagination, creativity, problem solving, time management and presentation skills. We encourage all employees to participate, challenge their expectations and produce results that build confidence. Together we empower your employees to want to learn more.

How your company wins
By collaborating with our valued clients, we develop exciting, memorable corporate events. Together we’ll design programs and events that increase your team members’ engagement, productivity and commitment.

What kind of corporate events are you looking for?
Our corporate team building events and programs include Lunch & Learns, team-building events, and leadership training for meetings and conferences.

Choose us for your corporate team building and team development. We look forward to making your business meetings fun — and making a meaningful difference in your organization on a long-term basis.